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Why is Zuzu's Fresh Roast Coffee so fresh?

So with a name like Zuzu's Fresh Roast Coffee you might be asking yourself "Why is this coffee so fresh?" There are several reasons. It starts with the high quality, carefully selected beans that we purchase from our importer. Our importer personally travels to each farm, tests the bean's flavor through cupping, and thoroughly investigates the farmer's process before choosing each bean. Prior to purchasing we study each flavor profile and then taste test the bean ourselves to ensure that we are happy with the brewed result. Unlike other roasteries, our process doesn't impart any chemicals that would require a 24-72 hour degassing period-so you can place an order and enjoy your new coffee all in the same day! Zuzu's is considered a small-batch or micro-roastery because we custom roast each order to maximize consistency and freshness. Both Laura and Dave roast the same way, using the same methods and techniques each and every time.

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