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Featured Bean

Our featured bean is Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora!

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This delightful coffee comes to us from CoopeTarrazu, located in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. CoopeTarrazu consists of over 2,600 farmers who have joined together for all the benefits the coop provides, including access to better loans and farming supplies as well as greater access to a larger coffee market. The coop is then able to provide the final coffee consumers with the very best of all their member's crops, resulting in this delicious cup called La Pastora.

La Pastora is a coffee developed by CoopeTarrazu, a well recognized cooperative located in San Marcos, Tarrazu. They are a cooperative with over 53 years of experience and tradition, who work with over 3,000 coffee producers and 250 mill workers who reside in the Tarrazuand Leon Cortes regions. Their main functions are to provide milling, marketing, and export services for their coop members.

The members of CoopeTarrazu pride themselves on the following values:

• Develop a sustainable coffee culture.
• Protect and improve the environment.
• Meet the expectations of their customers with high quality products and services.
• Improve the quality of life of their members and community.

Costa Rica is synonymous with world class coffee and this coffee is no exception. It maintains the mild acidity and great balance you would expect. The aroma of sweet caramel absolutely will fill your kitchen with a delicious aroma.


  Zuzu’s Fresh Roast Coffee is owned and operated by Dave and Laura Helbling of Springfield, Illinois. Zuzu's Fresh Roast Coffee was started in 2018, in Mahomet, Champaign County, IL. Dave and I enjoy roasting FRESH coffee beans and brewing a FRESH cup of coffee.

  We love providing a local and personal micro-roastery where the community can experience FRESH roasted, high quality coffee beans. Our roastery offers FRESH coffee beans from our roaster to your cup within 24 hours of roasting.  As a matter of fact, within minutes you can have your FRESH roasted coffee beans!

  Owning a business like Zuzu’s has been a long overdue dream for Laura that was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of her late father Ismael S. Juarez and brother Ismael Juarez Jr. Thanks to Megan and Mark (Dave and Laura’s kids) who proposed the idea that kicked off the business!

  We love our family and community; and we love the opportunity to give back because much has been given to us. We also love our coffee and hope you will too!


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Springfield, IL 62704

300 S. Broadway Suite 166
Urbana, IL 61801

Single Origin, 100% Arabica Beans from Around the Globe


The great, smooth taste of our coffee comes from our special roasting method and technique but it first starts with our BEANS. We use only 100% Arabica, single-source green beans grown all around the Equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt”. The nuanced flavor of coffee is affected by several growing factors: soil type, elevation, rainfall, humidity, amount of shade, temperature, plant variety, farming practices...and that’s before it’s even processed, dried, bagged, shipped, roasted, and finally brewed. In the near future you will be able to click on each country to the right to learn a bit about the unique qualities of each region.










The mascot for Zuzu’s Fresh Roast Coffee is our Welsh Terrier, Zuzu! She was born on Christmas day so we thought that she should have a Christmas related name. Zuzu is a character from our favorite holiday movie, It’s A Wonderful Life! Zuzu is a lot of fun and is full of so much energy, constantly zooming here and there. She doesn’t need any coffee to keep her going! Zuzu is not allowed in the roast room but a design of her is on every coffee bag.

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